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The Manpage of Man - Part I

Monday Jan 01, 2007

Monday Jan 01, 2007

Happy New Year, everybody! Great to have you back at this site. In this episode I'd like to feature a funky group from France called La Goutte au Nez. They release their tunes on CDs that you can buy, but also at I chose the title Chicango, which is great to start the day with. For the license have a look at CreativeCommons.
Thanks for the suggestion, grep is in the process of preparation, but due to the death of a great artist of our times I prefer to read the manpage of man before. It is quite a bit of text, so I split it in two parts and continue with the second one next time.
Stay tuned and all the best for 2007!

First Podcast - echo

Friday Dec 22, 2006

Friday Dec 22, 2006

Alright, folks, here is a new podcast - mine! Do you need it? You will see. I tell you the story: I spent the last half a year on having my Linux knowledge certified by the Linux Professional Institute, which means: reading manpages, manpages, manpages.
Secondly, at the beginning of 2007 I’m going to teach a bunch of young people the advantages of open source software and the benefits of the social web aka web 2.0. Therefore I wanted to be prepared.
But what could I blog, what could I podcast? I’m going to read manpages to you! Isn’t that a little bit boring? Well, I had a lot of help from websites dealing with linux, hints and tricks for free, so I think mixed with some music it could be fun to learn some new commands while walking around with the new ipod from Santa Clause…
We start right away with the first command: ECHO! I took the song Sandjorda by Binärpilot licensed under CreativeCommons from and mixed speech and tunes with the help of Audacity. Unfortunately I had to export the final file to mp3, as podbean does not allow the upload of the free ogg-format. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Podbean, here you will have something to do in 2007!

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